Why is my girlfriend ignoring me?

Relationships, platonic and romantic, can involve a lot of ups and downs. It can be confusing, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship, to figure out what exactly the other person is thinking or feeling. It’s usually best to be straight-forward and ask. Not everyone, however, is comfortable with asking directly. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons for why is my girlfriend ignoring me?

have you had an argument recently?

Arguing happens. It’s important to try and resolve any conflict as calmly as possible. why is my girlfriend ignoring me?This isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need space and time to process feelings and come up with a solution. That’s OK. But keep in mind that not everyone handles arguments in the same way. If the argument has not been resolved satisfactorily in her eyes, this could be a reason for her ignoring you.

You might need to give her some more time or allow her to vent her feelings on the subject.

Did you forget an important date/event/memory?

No one likes feeling they have been placed on the back burner. If your girlfriend feels let down or unappreciated, this could be a reason for her to ignore you. You should try to determine if you did forget something important. Depending on the situation, trying to make it up to her could be the right way to resolve any hurt feelings.

does she have a lot going on?

It is completely possible that your girlfriend is ignoring you because she is very busy and stressed out with work, school, family commitments, or a big project. Have you ever become so involved in something that you forget to check your phone? Or let emails and messages pile up? We’ve all been there. Sometimes a gentle reminder letting your loved one know you are there for them and happy to help out where possible, is enough to resolve distance. She might need a bit of time, however, to destress.

Fading feelings?

Generally speaking, the more experience you have with romantic relationships the more you learn to recognize the signs of one that is no longer working. Maturity and experience also make it more likely that people are more straight-forward with each other and better at ending something that isn’t going anywhere. girlfriend ignoring meBut not everyone is comfortable with expressing their feelings, especially if it means potentially hurting someone else’s feelings. A lot of people, unfortunately, are just not all that brave when it comes to voicing what they really want.

If you haven’t been dating for all that long or are not in an exclusive relationship and she has steadily been ignoring you this could be a sign she wants to move on. She might, however, lack the emotional maturity to let you know clearly what she is thinking or feeling. Many relationships, especially in the beginning stages, just don’t work out. Although it can be difficult it is important to remember you always have the right to ask what is going on. You might not get an answer you like or any answer at all for that matter. But if that’s the case then the time has probably come to walk away. A healthy relationship is based on good communication, respect, understanding and mutual compromise. If you aren’t getting that from her then any more effort on your part is not worth it.


Unfortunately there are people out there who enjoy manipulating others. This can be a conscious act but also a subconscious one. Since there is always a power element in any kind of relationship, manipulation can happen. But it’s not something that you should have to endure. Someone who regularly ignores you even after you have expressed to them how it upsets you is being manipulative. You should seriously consider whether or not you want a person like that as a significant other.

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