Why is communication important?

Communication is a major part of human interaction. We communicate in a variety of ways, some more obvious than others. Speaking, writing, even text messaging are all various ways in which most of us communicate every day. But language is not the only means of communication. Body language and facial expressions are also ways in which we communicate. Let’s take a look at some of the answers for the question why is communication important.

building relationships

In order to build and maintain good relationships with others, it is important to be an effective communicator. It’s hard to get to know someone better if they are unable to open up. why is communication important?Most children learn from an early age the importance of speaking with and listening to others. This carries on throughout life as we develop different kinds of relationships in life. Friendships, work colleagues, team members, love relationships – they all require communication for needs and wants to be understood and ultimately fulfilled.

developing trust

The more you get to know a person over time the better able you are to understand how trustworthy they are. Being able to share confidences, especially with a friend or lover, builds trust. It takes effective communication to be able to do this. When communication in a relationship breaks down the relationship begins to suffer.


Communication is needed for good collaboration. This is true in a variety of circumstances including in the work place and on sports teams. Individuals need to be able to express their thoughts and needs clearly  to be understood. communication importantIndeed, communication is bidirectional. Listening to each other is very important.

Big businesses, over the last few years, have begun to pay more attention to the ways in which communication occurs in their organizations. It has become popular for many businesses to offer workshops on effective communication across all employee levels. Innovation is an important part of any business growth and it requires strong communication.

hidden meanings

Body language and facial expressions play a big role in communication.  From childhood we have to learn hidden social cues. It is not something that is inherently part of us. Moreover, these social cues vary according to culture and place. It can be confusing if you travel to a country where you lack knowledge of social norms and cues.

These days younger generations also seem to prefer to do a lot of communication online. Speaking on the phone, among young adults, is no longer as popular as it once was.  Communicating via social media platforms and text messaging is far more prevalent.

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